Image-to-structure online

Convert images of chemical structures into machine-readable format

Optical Structure Recognition in your web browser

Simply sign up or log in to open pic2mol in your web browser.

Select images of chemical structures from you computer and pic2mol will translate them into SDF  and SMILES formats.

Preview the translated structure, then download or copy to clipboard the resulting SDF file, or copy the SMILES string.

For the moment pic2mol expects one chemical structure per image.

Pic2mol webapp screenshot

The missing image-to-structure feature for ChemDraw

You can also streamline your workflow and convert images into editable chemical structures without leaving ChemDraw.

Pic2mol add-in for ChemDraw connects to the same Optical Structure Recognition (OSR) service running in the Cloud, and provides an easy access to the image-to-structure translation right from ChemDraw.

To use pic2mol with ChemDraw:
 1. install pic2mol add-in
 2. subscribe to Pro plan (free trial available)

Pic2mol screenshot


We understand that some chemical structures may represent sensitive information. We never store the structures that we process without your explicit consent. The only time a structure may be stored, is when you report it as a recognition mistake.